The science behind storytelling, content strategy brings together data, research and some soul to achieve business objectives.

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Content strategy is the process of planning and executing content to achieve business objectives and goals.

The who, the what and the how: 3 applications of content strategy

I like to break content strategy into three:

Your company may need a full-stack digital content writer, and you didn’t even know. This is how to identify the right talent.

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Content: One discipline. Many subspecialties

Log in to Glassdoor.
Enter “content writer” in the search bar.
The results reveal a cornucopia of titles, including:

There’s more.

The digital space contains many different content types: search engine optimization prescribes long-form content spiced up with just the right terms. Brand marketing needs thought leadership articles. Engaging, multi-step products require UX writers. Conversion optimization efforts require experimentation in copy and content. …

A humble approach to a managerial skill

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Management books, leadership gurus, business blogs, and the Harvard Business Review are brimming with A to Z guides for change management, teaching leaders how to steer their teams and companies through the turbulent seas of change. These guides break down the steps of change management with very clear how-to’s peppered with terms such as “effective,” “successful,” and “impact.” By all means, read them. They’re useful.
Still, I find that these guides are misleadingly neat and orderly, illustrating change as a predictable vector stretching from A to B to C. This is not true: change means creating a different reality — this…

A kinda sorta story of love

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Everything about Ethan was precise. Ethan was the epitome of exacting control and enviable success from the flattering angularity of his suit down to the chiseled cheekbones shadowed with a patina of black. Slipping through the whiff of the $529 limited edition cologne he was wearing, there was another scent — that of fresh-off-the-press dollar bills, as crisp and full of promise as Ethan himself: an investments mogul known for both his business savvy and captivating charm.

If it weren’t for my unique profession, Ethan and I would never cross paths. If Ethan is a “Type A,” I’m a “Type…

A story of love in six microchapters

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I once fell in love with a man because he didn’t like watermelons.
I first met the man at a birthday party of a mutual friend. It was a warm July evening, and everyone was getting tipsy over chilled white wine.
The woman who was celebrating her birthday placed a big bowl filled with wedges of watermelon on the table, and everyone started digging in with their forks, oohhing and aahhing with pleasure.
I was bored. I never cared much for watermelons, but I learned to keep this slight aversion of mine low key. People tend to think very highly of watermelons, and…

A story of a possible maybe

A half-filled square-shaped glass of whisky
A half-filled square-shaped glass of whisky
Image by Andres Haro Dominguez


The bartender places a glass of cold beer in front of me, and I pay, as always, with a doodle.

You see, I’m a professional doodler.

Hey, hold on, hold on: I can see that raised eyebrow, that look of condescending disbelief in your face. You think — that’s ridiculous, there’s no such thing as a professional doodler. So let me tell you: I have the mastery, expertise, command, passion, and years of practice to boot. I have precision and control and even the confidence to go out of line when I want to.

What is it you’re saying? Oh…

When work relationships migrate to virtual spaces, connection and authenticity take a new form

In the wake of forced social distancing as the widespread response to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, Zoom and other video conferencing solutions are life savers for businesses, enabling effective work from home.
For many businesses, remote work is pretty standard. But for some, physical presence in the office is the norm, either because there is no other way to run the business, or because the organizational DNA prescribes on-site work. These companies have suddenly been forced to shift to work-from-home mode.
3+ weeks into a newly established routine of back-to-back Zoom meetings, I’ve noticed that virtual meetings revise the…

Working with graphic designers is a skill and many times, a challenge — and it’s not just because these professionals tend to have artists’ souls (which they do). As with most digital development, to get the best results — effective images that meet a goal — there’s a framework to follow. This is it.

1. Aesthetics come last

So we’ll get back to that.

2. Set the goal

Set a super clear goal when preparing the assignment. The goal is not so much for the designer as it is for you.

Examples of goals: more visitors to the site, increased engagement on a Facebook post, clarifying a statement…

How I make sense of being a divorced mother.

I’ve been divorced for over 2 years after a 17-year-long relationship. My ex and I have 3 children. Here are some of the things I wish someone had told me before.

1. The past relationship with your ex is over — what you have now is a new relationship.
Your married relationship with your ex is no longer. Make sure it is indeed over — tie up all the loose strings, finalize every last stipulation in whatever agreements you have, settle all the bureaucracy involved as quickly as possible. These practical steps will help you in the emotional journey to put…

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